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Grey Tedford's Blog: Miles for Amputees 2013

Grey Tedford's Blog: Miles for Amputees 2013

Holmes Community College graduate Grey Tedford began his bike ride across America entitled "Miles for Amputees" on Monday, May 27 in San Diego.
Grey is riding from San Diego to St. Augustine, Florida to raise money for the Paddy Rossbach Youth Camp, which is part of the Amputee Coalition. You can donate to Grey's trip by going to You can also follow his Twitter hashtag #milesforamputees as well.

June 21-26
Beaumont, Texas to Kinder, La. to Opelousas, La. to Baton Rouge, La. to Norco, La. to New Orleans, La. to Bay St. Louis, Miss.
Finished up my day in Opelousas, LA. Along the way I came across an old jailhouse, the best nut shop in town, and fortunately had the owner of Gatti's Pizza to pay for two buffets tonight and tomorrow night! Rolled through Baton Rouge with Ole Miss gear on, my warmshowers host got me set up with an interview on WAFB, then gave me a tour of the LSU campus. Very successful day! Had a blast with in New Orleans with Rob and Melody Logan! Rob will be accompanying me for the next two days and I'm super excited to be in Mississippi tomorrow! Finally back in the great state of Mississippi! Staying the night near Gulfport with Robert, Melody and Tom.

June 18-20
San Antonio, Texas to Houston, Texas to Beaumont, Texas

June 17
Hondo, Texas to San Antonio, Texas
Today I entered the great city of San Antonio, TX. I had the pleasure of seeing a great landmark of our history..#TheAlamo!!

June 14-16
Marathon Texas to Comstock, Texas to Del Rio, Texas to Hondo, Texas
No more desert or mountains! Today I took a stroll through Del Rio Park, popped a tire with a thorn and fell into peer pressure by wearing this hat. I look cool, right?

June 13
Fort Davis, Texas to Marathon, Texas
Today I traveled through the beautiful Puertacitas Mountains, and I'm getting to stay at my first hostel.. very awesome place in Marathon, Texas. I met a guy named Shan Thomas who paid for my supper. Turns out he's from Ripley, Miss.

June 12
Van Horn, Texas to Fort Davis, Texas
Big thanks to my camping neighbors #Chris and his daughters for inviting me to eat with them last night! Best meal I've had yet!

June 11
Fort Hancock, Texas to Fort Davis, Texas
Today was another long and tough head wind! I settled down in the coolest campground ever and made friends with a bady dove that looked like he needed company.

June 10
El Paso, Texas to Fort Hancock, Texas
Sleeping in "snake infested" sand tonight but at least I've got a good view!

June 9
Las Cruses, N.M. to El Paso, Texas
I made it to Texas today! Along the way, an awesome guy named Ryan helped me get my bike fixed up, and I had a dance off with a guy in the morph suit. He didn't know about these Mississippi moves.

June 8
Lordsburg, N.M. to Las Cruces, N.M.
Today was pretty frustrating. I got stuck on the side of the interstate with two flats. Luckily, Jerome picked me up and carried me to find some tubes! In the meantime, I met a very generous donator by the name of Peter, found a skeleton in an old car and got to see what the inside of a dirt devil looked like!

June 6-7
Globe, Ariz. to Lordsburg, N.M.
Today I met Janell from Nebraska, the most encouraging woman ever! Shortly after, I entered New Mexico and experienced the scariest thing of my life, a sandstorm! It hit me like a brick wall with winds up to 50 mph! A man named Jose picked me up and paid for my hotel in Lordsburg. God was definitely looking out for me today!

June 5
Superior, Ariz. to Globe, Ariz.
Didn't know there was a such thing as Miami, Ariz.! Was going 35 mph and hit a thorn bush. At the end of the day I met two Native Americans from the San Carlos Apache Reservation and camped out in front of a beautiful mountain range!

June 4
Mesa, Ariz. to Superior, Ariz.
Sadly, I had to leave the little ones behind in Mesa. But today was another HUGE adventure! I got to see the Apache Leap Mountains where Calvary once led Apache Indians to their death and finally getting the chance to rest my bones in Charles and Ami's hot tub while Sadie, the Newfoundland dog, watches over me near the Airstream!

June 3
Rest Day in Mesa, Ariz.

June 2
West Phoenix, Ariz. to Mesa, Ariz.
Finished up day 7 in Mesa, Ariz. Fun-filled day of walking/riding in the 110 degree weather. Luckily, the Campbells put me up for the night!

June 1
Salome, Ariz. to just outside of Phoenix, Ariz.
I traveled through the desert today. I didn't see a lot of sights but boy was it hot.
May 31

Blythe, Calif. to Salome, Ariz.
Finally in another state! Never realized how Arizona cacti could get. While in the Vicksburg Cafe, I put Bruce on the map. Tonight I'm sleeping on Janet and Randy's Westwood Motel roof!

May 30

Brawley, Calif. to Blythe, Calif.
Finished up Day 4! I stayed with Mr. Billy last night and crossed paths with three bikers riding from Brooklyn to San Diego. I also had the chance to see the beautiful Glamis dunes and gaze at the Chocolate Mountains! Good scenery, just super hot!

May 29
Carrizon Gorge, Calif. to Brawley, Calf.
Day 3 was super hot! I traveled through the Yuha desert, met a guy named Topo, a Native American from a local reservation, stood on the edge fo the Mexico border and stood before the Jacumba Volcano!

May 28
Santee, Calif. to Carrizo Gorge, Calif.
Made my way to the Carrizo Gorge Wilderness, and ran into some nice people along the way. Met Joe Sprecco of San Diego, an avid cyclist, while trekking the Alpine outside of San Diego. Been a great start!

May 27
San Diego, Cali. to Santee, Calif.
My first day of riding was awesome! I climbed a mountain, explored the beautiful San Diego coast and made lots of new friends! These California hills are CRAZY out here, so it's gonna be a slow start.